Zero waste kitchen tips for beginners

Photo: RikaC/Pixabay (licensed under Pixabay License)

You may wonder how to do more in the fight against climate change. You may have, like me, gone into a supermarket and been disgusted at the amount of unnecessary plastic packaging. And you may wonder how to reduce you impact on domestic waste.

Here are a few steps that would allow you to begin your journey towards zero waste:

  • Go for cloth instead of paper

Yes, paper napkins are useful when throwing a party. But let’s be honest, that is not happening every day. Most of the time you are just chilling at home, thinking for hours about what series to watch next. So instead of using those paper napkins, go “fancy” and go full cloth! It is sustainable, not that expensive and you can reuse them!

  • Let your tea loose

Just get a cotton tea sock and chuck some herbs in it (grow them yourself if you are the real deal). My mom had the same sock for twenty years and it’s still going strong! Or simply consider if you want your tea to be the result of pouring boiling water on plastic… Yes, almost all teabags contain plastic!

  • Scrub it in style!

No one likes to do the dishes. So how about you add some eco pazazz to it! Buy compostable dish scrubs instead of regular sponges and make your own cleaning liquids. Simply mixing water vinegar, lemon, and soda will clean as good as chemicals.

  • Be your own Princess Elsa

Freeze the food that is about to expire. If it’s good enough for Captain America, it’s good enough for some chicken!

Note: Do not freeze milk products!

  • Compost this!

If you have enough space, get your own compost box. Your garden will thank you. Otherwise check if there is a communal compost space near your home.

  • Cook in style

Want feel like a real chef? How about not using plastic spoons? You are not three years old anymore!

  • Get loose at the market

How about buying fruits and veggies that are not wrapped in plastic. I know this is a challenge in the UK and sometimes it’s more expensive. But that’s just a 5p difference, mate! Also, how about getting one of those cotton shopping bags? I promise, they are not just for hipsters!

  • Straws, really?

If you absolutely have to use straws, how about going for something durable? Unless you suddenly realise that straws are pointless in the first place. Yep… that would be great and the planet will thank you.

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